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However, if you have a full version of Windows and VMware Fusion, and you created a partition for Windows with the BootCamp Assistant, and then installed Windows on it, install VMware Fusion on your Mac OS X platform and one of the features of that Mac App will allow you to seamlessly run Windows apps right on your mac desktop without seeing the Windows Desktop or having to boot directly into Windows. Another thing you might want to do is make sure your Windows platform is protected with either an Anti-Virus or Internet Security suite Internet Security highly recommended.

What Is the Mac Equivalent to Microsoft Publisher?

However, if you prefer something else, feel free to use it. Just make sure to run it through both Apple and Microsoft to make sure it's safe to use. I recommend going through Apple first, as they are the ones that manufacture macs. Then run Publisher on the Windows VM drive.

There is also, a share file that is installed with Windows on the desktop where you can upload the file from the MAC OS desktop to your Windows desktop. Or vice versa. Does Publisher work the same on a Mac as it does on a PC? Asked by fn Oct 6, Best Answer: Answered by Keith S from Charleston Oct 10, Answered by Chris M Dec 7, Microsoft Publisher: Mac Equivalent? Ask Question. Simon Simon 3, 18 51 What specifically is excellent? What features do you need? To avoid a recommendation question from being closed, there is a Ask Different Meta post on how to document the requirements.

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Graham Miln Cape Apple Cape Apple 81 1 1. TagBag TagBag 49 1 2. Uh, if Publisher isn't simplistic, I don't know what is. Dave Dave 7, 2 18 It's the reference in Desktop publishing software.

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Additional information: Matthieu Riegler Matthieu Riegler I guess all Apple products command a premium. Is it possible to provide appropriate link in your answer. It's worth some explanation as to why InDesign is a better replacement for Publisher than another "desktop publishing" app, such as Apple's Pages.

Does the Mac Offer anything similar to Microsoft Publisher?

Publisher might be a good software but it's not available on OSX. Harrison Harrison This is not spam. It is a legitimate attempt to offer software on a question asking for that recommendation. I'm not saying it's right or wrong or you should vote one way to the other, but please there's no need to flag this again. If anything, the question should be voted to be closed since it's not following our guidance on asking a proper recommendation question.

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Top Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac (Including latest macOS) in

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