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ColorSync Utility.

How to Reduce pdf File Size Using ColorSync Utility

Today we will:. First, open up the app.

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Launch it, click on the Filters tab. Forget that, though. It does indeed reduce the size of a PDF, but it makes a real hash of it. Imagine that you asked a clumsy friend to wash your dishes, and he got them perfectly clean, but also smashed them into a zillion shards of crockery and glass.

Take a look at a sample:. Top right is what ColorSync Utility seems to think is an acceptable tradeoff between quality and file size. And for the record, size is reduced. The original is 66MB, while the processed version weighs just kb! To begin, we will make a copy of this joke of a filter.

Resize, rotate, or flip an image in Preview on Mac

To do so, just click on the downward arrow on the right of the filter name. Then choose Duplicate Filter , and double-click the resulting filter to rename it. Not for free that I know of sorry! If you purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro there is an option to do this. This provides a user interface where filters can be copied, modified, and renamed without having to disable security via csrutil.

How to Make PDF Files Smaller on the Mac

That then brought my scanned documents down from around 10MB each to around KB and the figures were still clear and readable. OMG — thank you! Your tip is the only method that worked. Use it however you like.

Custom Resize Settings

Just let me know if you find a better combination of settings so I can use them. And thanks! Great tutorial!

Rotate or flip an image

Just what I needed to reduce pdf files for downloads. With one reduction reduced 5. Used the second manual technique, and the pictures have no noticeable quality reduction. Thanks so much! He has a nice Quartz filter you can download that allows you to open PDFs particularly […]. This worked perfectly! I was able to go from a 14 MB pdf to a very readable KB pdf in no time. Thanks so much — this is one of the few online pieces of advice that actually worked for me!

This was incredibly useful thank you so much for this. I had the choice of a 80Mb good quality or Kb awful one before. Awesome advice! Thank you so much for sharing. The built in filter turned my MB PDF with great image quality into KB with crap for images and a poor reflection on a professional photog. Now I have a 2. Thanks for the heads-up!

Make your own Reduce File Size presets for PDF export - Mac OS X Hints

Eric, thanks for the fabulous tip. It works great. I have a quick question for you — I recreated it per your instructions, but how do you export the. Awesome, I was googling around and trying a number of things but this is perfect, especially for scanned txt as the default filter turns it to garbage! Thank you!!!!! I tried everything else, all terrible quality for the text PDF. Worked amazingly well. The original reduce size filter destroyed scanned documents I was trying to send. I adjusted the filters as you described and I swear, the docs look better and are less than half the original size.

Thanks for passing this on! Thank you, Internet Citizen. Soooo helpful! This solution is brillant. I had a 4MB paper to turn in for class with lots of detailed images but it had to be less than 2MB when submitted. I created my own filter just as you described and it worked perfectly. My 4MB file was compressed to just KB and the images were still very clear. I tried a shareware app that does the same thing and it took about 4 -5 minutes while direct from preview took under 1 min. So of course I had to Google and found this handy post. Took seconds and worked like a charm!

It took the nearly 40 mb PDF and reduced it to […]. I use JotNot on the iPhone to capture receipts for expense reports, but the files are huge.

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Any ideas for somebody like me?