Upgrade mac mini hard drive

You will need a putty knife or small paint scraper to remove the Mac Mini's casing, a Phillips head 2 screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, and either a replacement 2. I also recommend picking up a can of compressed air to clean out the dust that has built up throughout the years. Your current drive if it's still functional can be backed up using a program like Apple's Time Machine or the free utility SuperDuper. The cover on the Mac Mini is held in place with small clips that must be dislodged with the putty knife.

Gently shimmy the knife in between the base of the Mac Mini and the case. Bend the knife away from you as you slowly work your way around all fours edges of the device. You will hear a faint pop as the clips become dislodged, at which point the cover can be lifted off.

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Next, you have to remove the three antennas. The two smaller ones on the left simply lift out, while larger one on the right must be squeezed from the bottom. Under each antenna are springs -- don't lose these as they are required when reassembling the device.

Is it possible to upgrade the hard drive in the 2018 Mac Mini?

For now, place them aside. The hard drive is located on back of the CD drive. Unscrew the four screws that hold the CD drive into place and detach the ribbon cable on the top of the drive. Make sure you are removing the screws that connect the drive to the case and not the ones on the actually CD drive.

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The hard drive is on the back of the CD drive. It's held in with four screws, two on the top and two on the side. There is a temperature sensor on the top of the drive and a wire running down the left side. Gently lift the sensor, move the wire to the side, slide the drive up slightly, and remove it using the tweezers.

There are two anti-static cushions on the back of the hard drive, peel both of these cushions off of the old drive and place them onto your new one, which you can then slide into the slot. Replace the four screws to secure the drive and reattach the temperature sensor -- it should have enough adhesive left on it to stick.

With the hard drive in place, it's now time to place the CD drive back into the Mac Mini. Use the four screws to secure the drive in place and reattach the ribbon cable. Then, take the three springs you removed earlier and place them back onto their corresponding antenna posts, followed by the antennas themselves.

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You may want to test the drive by plugging in the power and turning the computer on before replacing the case. While this is an optional step, it will make things easier in case you have to reinstall the drive. Replace the mounting pins on the side of the new drive, attach the connector and stick the plastic cover over the circuitry side of the drive. If you're replacing your drive with an SSD drive, you won't need the plastic cover.

Push the drive back into position so that the mounting pins fit into the gaskets at the back of the drive bay, then reverse the steps to put your Mini back together.

Connect your Mini, insert your bootable USB thumb drive and restart the computer. When you hear the startup chime, hold down the "Option" key to boot from the thumb drive and begin reinstalling Mac OS X on your new hard drive. Michael Cox writes about lifestyle issues, popular culture, sports and technology.

In a career spanning more than 10 years, he has contributed to dozens of magazines, books and websites, including MSN. Skip to main content. To remove the RAM, push the retaining clips on each side.

Mac Mini Hard Drive Replacement

When the top module pops up, slide it out and then slide out the bottom module. The Mac Mini has room for two hard drives, although it doesn't include mounting materials or connections for an additional drive. Third-party manufacturers offer hardware kits for mounting a second drive.

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  7. Warnings Damaged caused by disassembling your Mac Mini may not be covered by its warranty. If you're unsure about your ability to perform this procedure, a local Apple Store or Apple authorized repair facility can replace your hard drive for you. Always make sure to discharge any static electricity before you perform maintenance on your computer. Under most conditions, simply touching the Mini's case will discharge any static.

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    For the least amount of static risk, use a grounding strap attached to both your wrist and the Mini's case. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products. References 4 EveryMac. Resources 2 Ars Technica: Lion DiskMaker. About the Author Michael Cox writes about lifestyle issues, popular culture, sports and technology.

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