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Microsoft discontinued sales of its Microsoft Money line of finance software products in and discontinued support of the products in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is a free download.

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The software continues to work for basic money management tasks, but it does not include tech support or any features that required internet services. Financial Software Software Tutorials. By Shelley Elmblad. Once opened, you should be able to add new accounts, set a password if desired, etc. I have not yet been able to get Portfolio Manager to work.

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However, there is one problem. MS Money is continually trying to update itself online. There is a wheel spinning in the top right of the screen the whole time. The issue is that I cannot import any new bank statements since i have downloaded these but when I try to import it says that an online update is taking place and I need to wait for this to end before i can import. Is there a way to tell this version of Money sunset edition not to keep trying to update itself online?

Is this a familiar bug? Is there any solution to MS Money installation for mojave? I installed wineskin but could not run msmoney installer. No new executables found! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. So, for the record, here are the steps and settings I used. Download Wineskin. Run Wineskin Winery. This will install the software into your Wineskin app. Let us know if you have anymore problems. Unfortunately it seems the downloads are not working again. Some people have had better luck using Winebottler which includes IE7 in the installer.

I was able to install this on my MacBook Air couple of years ago. Can say it worked on it.

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All I get is it opens, with headers with bills and accounts, but bottom is blank white. Used WS9Wine2. Try using WineBottler which includes IE7 instead. So search on the net found this link to get ie6 https: Installed just fine and everything working good. Hope this helps.

What To Do When A Document Won't Open on a Mac

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Home How To. You May Also Like: You will see various engines to choose from. You can choose the latest version which at the time of writing was WS9Wine 1. Click Download and Install. Make sure it is selected and click Create Blank Wrapper at the bottom.

Note that there should be NO SPACE in the name of the wrapper ignore the example below — you should make the name either one word or add a hyphen in between Microsoft and Money. Click Install. You should then see a message saying that the Microsoft Money Wrapper Creation is complete. Quit the Wineskin Winery App. Then double click on the Microsoft Money Wineskin icon that was created and the Microsoft Money Wineskin installer will launch. Click on Install Software.

Just click on OK to install them. Within a few seconds, Microsoft Money Plus will launch and the program icon will appear in your Dock.

How to Run Microsoft Money on a Mac –

You then need to go back to Wineskin and configure some screen settings. This is where things get a little more tricky so make sure you follow these instructions closely. Click on Advanced and the select the Tools tab at the top. A download page at download. This is exactly what you must do — move the downloaded msxml3 to the above location. In the folder, you must place the msxml3. You then need to install Internet Explorer.

How To Get Microsoft Money For Mac Free

Download IE6 from here: Microsoft Money For Mac: Conclusion As stated in the introduction, Wineskin can throw-up many glitches and problems depending on the specific setup of your Mac, the version of Wine or Wineskin you are using and updates to macOS. Installs like indicated, however, I cannot create new account Online update always running Reply.

Hope that helps! Hope that helps others avoid lots of trial and error!! Thanks to you too and glad you can now add new accounts to MS Money on your Mac! Hello Im stuck on Any help would be super Reply. Thanks for the information. It is great. I am unable to install ie7.

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Thanks in advance, if you do happen to read this! It works! Use IE8, 6 or 7 resulted in out of date message. Glad it helped you run Microsoft Money on your Mac! Thank you so much for this guide. Hoping someone can help as I would love to get money working on my mac and ditch the old pc. Folks, I spend a TON of time following the steps, without success. Hi — Did you get a reply on this because I am experiencing the same exact issue.