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I hardly ever fully shut down and power off any of my Macs, and have yet to replace this battery on any Mac I have owned, so that should only be the culprit in very extreme cases.

How, When, & Why to reset the PRAM & SMC on your Mac

The SMC is an Intel-only s intc feature. These include fans running out of control, lights not displaying correctly, the Mac does not sleep or wake properly, and just generally poor performance and high CPU cycles for no good reason.

Old-school startup

Single User Mode bypasses a number of standard elements of Mac OS X and puts the user straight into the console where they can make changes using command line utilities. This mode is primarily used to fix problems that occur during startup or when a Mac fails to boot properly.

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In order to launch Single User Mode, the Mac needs to be restarted and the Command and S keys held during startup as soon as the startup chime is heard. A wide range of useful Single User Mode commands can be found on Apple's support pages. For access to advanced troubleshooting tools if your Mac is exhibiting errors or not booting correctly, you can load the Apple Hardware Test from the install DVD that came with your Mac.

With the disc in the drive, boot up your Mac and hold down the D key when you hear the startup chime. The Apple Hardware Test enables you to scan your discs and drives as well as other components to detect any problems with your computer's hardware. This information can then be provided to tech support for advice on replacements and fixes. Disable FireWire Networking This optimization can help free up bandwidth in the firewire bus and allow Digidesign FireWire devices to work more efficiently.

Disabling this will prevent your computer from automatically updating.

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  4. If there is an update that you need, you can manually update your Mac software my clicking on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen and choosing Software Update. Disable Spotlight Indexing Spotlight indexing can sometimes cause conflicts with Pro Tools' database files, causing the drive to work sporadically.

    How to Reset Your Mac's SMC and PRAM/NVRAM

    Disabling this will allow the drive to function more efficiently in Pro Tools. Disable Sudden Motion Sensor For laptops only. If you're recording in a loud environment, this optimization will prevent the Sudden Motion Sensor from kicking in and throwing a error in Pro Tools. These are important steps in order to resolve various issues, such as assertion errors, graphic or display problems, and other intermittent issues that are not specifically hardware or compatibility related.

    Listed below are the paths to all the database and preference files installed by Pro Tools. Once you have deleted these files, you should empty the trash and restart your computer. These files will be recreated when Pro Tools is launched. Digidesign Databases.

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    Uninstall and reinstall Pro Tools Uninstalling and reinstalling Pro Tools can help resolve issues with corrupt or faulty installations, as well as issues derived from overlapping installs of Pro Tools. In many cases, this is more efficient than deleting Pro Tools preferences and databases.

    Repair Disk Permissions. Issues inside and outside of Pro Tools can be caused by conflicting preferences from other applications. This will help identify whether the problem is related to your user account or is a global problem. Check with 3rd party programmers for their most up-todate versions, you can also check the plug-in compatibility grid on the Digidesign website: