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This update contains the following improvements: This version introduces full support for Smart Apnea. It also allows to download apnea dives carried out in the apnea mode of the Smart scuba version.

Mares dive organizer overview.

In addition: You can now sync the time with your Smart dive computer using the Clock Sync feature. In addition this update contains the following: While expanding DiversDiary to be compatible with the new Smart watch computer in version 1. This is now fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience. In addition, we fixed a bug that duplicated dives when synchronizing with iDiversDiary.

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For full resolution in addition to DiversDiary 1. Once you have that, perform a new synchronization choosing 'replace'. Workaround for automatic persistance store migration Bug in the sandbox. uses cookies.

Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. DiversDiary 1. Customized interface for Mares dive computers.

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Follow This App Developer website: See discussion. Version 1. Bug fixes: Bottle information from air-integrated dive computers can not be read out Firmware of dive computers may not be updated firmware update for Icon dive computer will be included in the next version. Related Links. Similar Software.

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If you are downloading dives from your Icon HD dive computer, the version of the DiveOrganizer software doesn't matter, because you don't even use it. If you are trying to import the DiveOrganizer database into macdive, I don't think that is supported.

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For download problems, go through the instructions in the link that Nick provided and send us the files so we can have a look. Mon Feb 28, 3: I mean version 2 of the Icon itself - recently released.

Problems with Diver's Diary and the Mares Matrix

Required a flash update to the Icon. The fact that Mares Dive Organizer is still a very buggy beta is the main reason I cam looking here and of course you are on Mac! I have the link and will give it a go sometime today and get back to you with the results. Mon Apr 04, 8: I have an Icon HD firmware 1. It works very nice, except for MAP and Pictures but it doesn't really matter.